Barbara of Cilli (1392 – 1451) held many titles. As the daughter of Herman II, Count of Celje and Countess Anna of Schaunberg, this ambitious young lady went on to be crowned Queen of Hungary in 1408, Queen of Germany in 1414, Holy Roman Empress in 1433 and Queen of Bohemia in 1437. She was said to be a beautiful and intelligent leader who participated in the success of her kingdoms. She “got her hands dirty” so to speak.

She spent the majority of her time in Hungary and served as regent while her husband, Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, went about securing their other kingdoms. They had one daughter, Elisabeth, who married Albert II of Germany. Albert was a bit of a problem. Him and his pesky Hapsburg family accused Barbara of just about everything- heresy, alchemy, plotting against the king, immoral behavior… whatever Underbite dynasty (history joke). She was forced to give up everything- EVERYTHING and sent to prison. Luckily she was eventually able to live in exile, in Poland where the King there was a little nicer. Albert soon bit the dust and Barbara and her daughter reconciled. Barbara died of the Plague.

Summation: Gorgeous, powerful and confident woman gets sandbagged by power-hungry small-peckered pansy ingrate son-in-law who never does get to be Emperor. The end.