Sorry for the content. This story is rather gruesome.

Enriqueta Marti (1868 – 1913) was a child murderer that conducted some of the most horrific crimes in the worst poverty stricken sections of Barcelona, Spain.

At the time, Barcelona’s population quadrupled in size and  with the political turmoil, daily violent uprisings, and lack of resources… awful, unspeakable things happened.

Enriqueta began her career in prostitution, which led her down a very dark and twisted road. She often kidnapped orphans to bring with her to go begging outside churches during the day. At night she would sell them off as sex slaves to the highest bidder (at the time, Barcelona was also known as the pornography capital of Europe).

It wasn’t long before she became known as one who could “procure” children for wealthy and disturbed clients (pedophiles). She also moonlighted as a “witch-doctor” making potions of human (child) remains as a cure for tuberculosis. Because she was known to drain her victims blood and because she kidnapped children by hiding them under a long black cloak, she was labeled the Vampire of Barcelona.

She was beaten to death in prison while awaiting trial.

I will not go on about this woman (soulless monster), but here are some links for further reading, just be warned- it’s all VERY upsetting and incredibly disgusting.