If you follow my History Witch Facebook page, you’ll know that I recently went on a trip to Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. As a result, I’ve become incredibly intrigued with Hungarian Culture- Budapest certainly exceeded my expectations. I will be diving deep into the history of all three cities over the next month or so.

This is Beatrice of Naples, Queen Consort of Hungary and Bohemia (1457 – 1508) also known as Beatrix de Aragon.

In 1476 she married King Matthias of Hungary. This union created an alliance between Naples and Hungary which proved successful in the fight against the Ottomans. She was no wallflower- introducing Italian renaissance to the court as well as creating an academy and being instrumental in building the palace Visegrad.

Things turned a bit sour when Matthias appointed his illegitimate son as heir to the throne, but Matthias died shortly after. She was again, no slouch, and immediately went into survival mode- securing a power of position in the Hungarian court. She eventually married her second husband, Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary in 1491. The nobles loved her- but the second marriage was ultimately challenged. Vladislaus did not exactly secure a divorce from his first wife. Being such a sweetie, Vlad told the court that he was forced to marry Beatrice against his will. They indeed deemed it illegal and Beatrice was forced to pay all the legal costs of the trial. She was forced to move back to Naples in 1501.

She died, childless in 1508.