Can’t believe I’ve never profiled or painted this woman!

Sancha of Aragon (1478-1506) was the illegitimate daughter of King Alfonso II of Naples and his mistress Trogia Gazzela (she might be next on my hit list.) She married Gioffre Borgia and the two became Prince and Princess of Squillace. They actually lived in the Vatican, where Sancha became close to her infamous sister-in-law, Lucrezia Borgia.

It all went downhill from there (and in the Vatican no less!) She was accused of having affairs with both of her husband’s brothers- Juan and Cesare.

Here’s where it gets confusing.

Sancha’s brother Alfonso married Lucrezia. Cesare married the French Princess Charlotte d’Albret, and Juan allegedly murdered his brother Cesare (over his alleged affair with Sancha) but some speculate that Alfonso murdered Cesare, due to his interests in both France and Naples.

By this point, Sancha is considered the Jezebel of Naples and was thrown in prison. It was only upon the death of Pop Alexander in 1503 that she was able to regain her freedom and returned to Naples. She did not go back to her husband- but Cesare managed to visit her and asked that she raise Lucrezia’s illegitimate son, Giovanni.

You can’t make this stuff up- although, if you watched The Borgias on HBO, you’d know that they made up a LOT of stuff (including an affair with her husband’s father, Rodrigo.)