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Dangeruese de l’Isle Bouchard (1079-1151) was the maternal grandmother of Eleanor of Aquitaine. And what a FABULOUS name she had! actually, her birth name was most likely Amauberge. Dangereuse was a nickname that sort of stuck. I like it.

She married Viscount Aimery I of Chatellerault sometime around 1100. They had 5 children: Hugh, Raoul, Eleanor (mother of Eleanor of Aquitaine), Amable and Aois. But alas, this marriage must not have been a happy one. Dangeruese left Aimery to become the mistress of William IX, Duke of Aquitaine. Cool fact on William- his greatest contribution to history (although a successful warrior) was his poetry. William was a troubadour, one of the earliest whose work still exists.

William was ex-communicated from the church for “abducting a married woman” but that’s not exactly what happened- she went very willingly. Dangeruese stayed in the Maubergeonne tower of the castle in Poitiers. When his wife, Philippa of Toulouse returned from Toulouse, she was horrified to find another woman living in her home.

When the powers that be told William to bring Dangeruese back, his response was “Curls will grow on your pate before I part with the Viscountess.” Philippa, defeated, retired to an Abbey.

This controversial liaison produced three children: Henri, Adelaide, and Sybille.

Odd little tid bits:

• Dangereuse is the maternal grandmother of Eleanor of Aquitaine. William X was her paternal grandfather. Confused? I know I am.

• William’s first wife spent years avenging the dismissal and death of his second wife, Philippa.  Her name was Ermengarde of Anjou. The marriage was dissolved due to her a. inability to produce a child. b. mood swings and c. she nagged her husband. WTF?