Going a bit off this month’s theme…

This is Rosamund Clifford (1150? – 1176). She was the mistress of King Henry II of England.

She grew up in Clifford Castle on the River Wye and had 2 sisters, Amice and Lucy, and 3 brothers, Walter II de Clifford, Richard and Gilbert.

There are many interesting stories that surround Rosamund’s life, but the most common is that King Henry took her in as his mistress- but in order to hide the affair from his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, he kept Rosamund in a room at the end of a very complicated maze in Woodstock. Eventually Eleanor got through the maze and confronted the young mistress- forcing her to choose between death by dagger or death by poison. The young girl chose poison and died. However, this story does not appear in any documents until the 14th century. Hmmm.

Not in question… her beauty. She was known to be devastatingly gorgeous which most likely fueled the romantic, but fictitious, tales of her existence.

Here’s a GREAT article on all the myths associated with the Fair Rosamund: http://blog.oup.com/2014/09/eight-myths-fair-rosamund/