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Featuring Native American women this month! Several HW Facebook followers made the suggestion- so thank you!

This is Dahteste (1860 – 1955). She was a Choconen Apache warrior. Despite her warrior status, she was remarkably beautiful. As an expert horsewoman, she joined forces with Geronimo. After being part of several battles against the US Cavalry, she worked to negotiate peace. She was fluent in English which enabled her to become a messenger and translator for her people.

Unfortunately, her efforts to work with the US Cavalry did not work in her favor. Dahteste was arrested, along with Geronimo and several others (including her friend and fellow female warrior, Lozen) in 1886 as a prisoner of war at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. She spent 19 years in prison – surviving pneumonia and tuberculosis.

When she was finally released, Dahteste spent the rest of her days at Whitetail, on the Mescalero Apache Reservation in New Mexico.