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Dalhousie Castle (Edinburgh, Scotland) was built in 1247. This fabulous fortress was home to the Ramsey Clan for over 850 years. Sometime in the 16th century, there lived a teenage girl by the name of Lady Catherine Ramsey. Lady Catherine fell madly in love with boy who worked at the castle. As you can probably predict, her parents did not approve. In typical teenage fashion, Catherine locked herself in her room and refused to eat. She eventually died of starvation!

There’s a great creepy mini movie on Catherine and her ghost story here:

Naturally, her ghost haunts the castle. She has been seen gliding through the halls in gray, sliding down the stairs, lurking in the dungeons and traveling through corridors.

Dalhousie was converted to a hotel and spa sometime in the 1970s. YOu can book your stay here: with a full history here: