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Janet Douglas, Lady Glamis, was burned at the stake for witchcraft on July 17th, 1537. This took place right on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle while her young son was forced to watch. HORROR SHOW.


Janet’s brother, Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus was King James V’s stepfather. Archibald had James thrown in prison when he was young, so the King despised the entire Douglas family, including Janet.

James brought up charges of treason, accused her of poisoning her husband, and eventually convicted of planning to poison the King himself! These accusations culminated into a formal charge of witchcraft. To gather “credible” evidence, James had Janet’s family and servants tortured so they would speak out against her. It worked. The beautiful noblewoman was executed (murdered) in a painful, horrific way.

But the story doesn’t end there…

Glamis Castle is located in Angus, Scotland and is considered to be one of the most haunted castles in the country. After Janet’s execution (murder) King James V (her murderer) claimed Glamis Castle for himself. It was around this time that the “Grey Lady” began haunting that castle. The Grey Lady often appears in the chapel- and to this day, there is a seat reserved JUST for her- no one is allowed to sit there.

Good news… thank god… James V died before he could have Janet’s son, John, killed. John reclaimed his title and properties and lived to be the 7th Lord Glamis.