Very excited that my new coloring book is out there! Here is the information, along with links to my other history books.

NEW! Colorful Women in History- A Coloring Book. A collection of various noblewomen and royals from as far back as Boudicca all the way to Queen Victoria. Also featured: Anne Neville, Aelfthryth, Princess Louise, and many many more. Each page includes a brief profile and a portrait to color. Non-fiction. All ages.
NEW! The Tudor Tutor (Illustrator). Barb Alexander is releasing the 2nd edition of her book that is ALL Tudorific. This edition includes over 55 portraits. Non-Fiction. All ages.
Releases November 2015.

NEW! A Time and Place: Medieval Feasts and Recipes for the Modern Table (co-author/illustrator). A Fully illustrated cookbook that reinvents medieval recipes according to the calendar of feasts and the history behind them. Non-fiction. All ages. Releases June 2016.
History’s Witches. An illustrated guide to various women who were accused of Witchcraft. Women featured include Eleanor of Aquitaine, Mother Shipton, Bridget Bishop, and Anne Boleyn.Non-fiction. Ages 8 to 15.
Trail Blazers. An illustrated guide to the women who explored the world. This book includes Sacagawea, Nellie Blye, Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart and many more. Non-Fiction. Ages 8 to 15.
Her Majesty. An illustrated guide to the women who ruled the world. Clearly, power and money isn’t everything. Women featured include Marie Antoinette, Catherine the Great, Wu Zetian and many more. Non-Fiction. Ages 8 to 15.