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Cecilia of Sweden, or rather Cecilia Gustavsdotter Vasa, was born on November 16, 1540 in Stockholm, Sweden.

She was considered the most beautiful of Gustav I’s daughters, but often referred to as “the black sheep” due to a FABULOUS Scandal. I like her already.

Cecilia’s sister Catherine married Edzard II, Count of East Frisia, on October 1, 1559. The couple left for Ostfriesland a month later, accompanied by Edzard’s brother John. On their way through Sweden, they stopped at Vadstena Castle… this is where John was caught in Cecilia’s bedroom sans pants. Guards had witnessed Johnny-boy climbing through her window for several nights. Cecilia was placed under house arrest for her sins and eventually sent back to Stockholm.

She was definitely kept on a tight leash (but still managed to cause a LOT of trouble). Cecilia ended up marrying Christopher II, Margrave of Baden-Rodemachern, without much fanfare. After the wedding, she traveled to England for an official state visit. She had been in touch with Elizabeth I and managed to get an invitation from the Queen. This had been in an effort to convince Elizabeth to marry Cecilia’s half-brother King Eric XIV and to negotiate an alliance with Sweden and England.

Elizabeth was not a fan… Cecilia ran up ENORMOUS debts from her very expensive tastes -and- she was in close contact with the Spanish Ambassador. Not cool. On her journey out to Baden, a pregnant Cecilia was stopped and had her luggage as well as her ladies-in-waiting taken away from the creditors to whom she owed money.

Her son was named Edward Fortunatus by none other than Queen Elizabeth I, who was his Godmother.

Edward had quite an interesting life… he spent his first year in the world at Hampton Court. Due to the conflicts between the Catholics and the Protestants, he ended up having a non-church marriage to Maria van Eicken. They had four children- but none were recognized as his heirs due to the fact that Maria was a commoner. Edward inherited quite a bit of debt from his mother- and eventually lost his titles. In his impoverished state- he took up alchemy and black magic. NICE! He passed away in 1600 after falling down a stone staircase, drunk.

There’s a GREAT article about Cecilia’s life of scandal here: https://annabelfrage.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/from-sinful-princess-to-pirate-meet-cecilia-vasa/