Tamar the Great!!! (1160 – 1213) was the Queen regnant of Georgia. Her father, George III,  made co-ruler when she was just 18. When he passed away, she succeeded in “calming down”  the opposition to her rule and successfully took over as Queen.

So successful, she was said to be the “King of Kings and Queen of Queens” by her people. She was an active military leader, a patron of the arts & culture, and her reign is still referred to as “The Golden Age”.

She kicked ass and didn’t apologize. When she died, her crown went to her daughter, Rusadan. Tamar was so incredibly respected by her people, she was canonized in the Orthodox church. Her image is currently on Georgia’s currency, the 50 Lari note. It is also the most popular name for girls in Georgia to this day.

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