Chiomara was the wife of the Galatian Cheiftan, Orgiagon. Rome invaded (what would now be somewhere in Turkey) their land (as the Romans did) so  the tribe rebelled causing the Galatian War of 189 BC.

During the war, Gnaeur Manlius Vulso (pig) beat down the Galatians and took a bunch of hostages. One of which was described as “a woman of exceptional beauty”. This woman was Chiomara. Needless to say, she was raped, tortured and held for ransom. Even during these very violent times, rape was considered to be unacceptable. It’s quite surprising that Gnaeur didn’t just kill her. Well, his greed did NOT get him a-head.

The Galatians came to the meeting point with the ransom. As the pig, Gnaeus, was counting his gold, Chiomara gave her men a signal to cut off his head. And they did.

She proceeded to carry the head home, wrapped in her dress and dropped it at her husband’s feet upon her return. She then said something to the effect of “Only one man alive should have me.”

I like her. I like her a lot.