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Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna Romanov (1897 – 1918) was Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra’s second daughter. She was born on a sunny morning in June to which the Tsar wrote “the second bright happy day in our family”, “she looks just like her mother!”

Tatiana was described as being tall, refined, and beautiful. Many considered her the most attractive of the Romanov girls (I, personally, think they were all devastatingly gorgeous). She was very close to her sister, Olga, and seemed to be a natural born leader. She became a war nurse during World War I and was rumored to have fallen in love with at least one of the soldiers.

Looking at photographs of Tatiana, it is no wonder she was her mother’s favorite- so regal and elegant.

There’s an in-depth article about this breath-taking Grand Princess here: