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I just got back from spending an entire week in beautiful Scotland!!! I’m so inspired by all the incredible history I got to see firsthand! I’ve posted a TON of photos on the Facebook page here: http://facebook.com//historywitch. Pics from Stirling Castle, Linlithgow (probably my favorite site), Dunnottar Castle (another favorite), Edinburgh Castle, Rosslyn Chapel, Blackness Castle- and so much more!

One of the most moving sites was definitely the Culloden battlefield. So much so, I decided to paint a map!! Click to enlarge the map – or – you can view a larger version over at They Draw And Travel here: http://tinyurl.com/ndpn9kt

The battle was a total BLOODBATH. The Jacobites didn’t stand a chance. If you are lucky enough to go – do not miss this museum/monument. It is both breathtaking and horrific! (my favorite combo.)

I will definitely be painting more of these fascinating stories from Scottish history soon!