A boabhan sith is a female fairy in Scottish mythology. The story is very similar to that of a banshee. This blood-sucking seductress preys on those traveling at night and takes the form of a beautiful lady in green (sometimes white).

The legends say that she will invite men to dance and then pounce with her sharp teeth to suck their life force. Just like vampires, boabhan siths cannot tolerate daylight and return to their graves by morning… but (strange) they are extremely afraid of horses.

They are mostly attracted to hunters, and (supposedly) live only in the Scottish Highlands. They can also speak any language but when heard, seem to have a strange accent.

Some stories say they have the vampire teeth, while others say they use long fingernails to pierce their victims.

Either way, I’m not wandering alone in the woods of the Scottish countryside. Or, er, any woods for that matter.