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Elizabeth “Jane” Shore (1445 – 1527) was King Edward IV of England’s mistress. She was also Edward’s stepson’s concubine along with Thomas Grey and William Hastings. The girl got around. The role of this beautiful harlot within history is quite complicated.

She was born in London, received a good education. At the age of 22, her first marriage to William Shore was annulled due to impotence. heh. She had caught the eye of the King and quickly became a very powerful woman in the court.

Then there was that tricky war of the roses thing going on.

Richard III  became King after the marriage of Edward and Elizabeth Woodville was declared invalid and their children illegitimate. Richard took aim at Jane as a sexual offender. Her later affair with Hastings was what really caused the problems.  Richard accused Hastings, Jane Shore, and Elizabeth Woodville of conspiring against him. Jane was sent to the Tower and accused of sorcery and witchcraft.

The witchcraft case was dropped, but Jane was forced to walk through London in public penance for her sins. She was then put in Ludgate Prison- but managed to marry Thomas Lynom while in that prison. Huh. I’d say she was rather resourceful.

She was eventually given a pardon and spent the rest of her life with Lynom. She died at the age of 82 and is buried in Hinxworth Church (which looks SO beautiful).

Not necessarily a “scorned” lover, Jane made it out of some pretty dramatic times almost unscathed (minus the prison and public humiliation part).

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