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Another GREAT request from a HW Follower…

Morgan le Fay, also known as Morgana, Morgain, Morgant and Morgue is a powerful fictitious character that came into legend through the tales of King Arthur and the Round Table.

In some tales, she is King Arthur’s lover, and in others she is his enemy. And yet, in some stories, she is Arthur’s half-sister who becomes a rival to the round court, seeking vindication against Queen Guinevere for stealing Lancelot. It’s all very confusing as she is interpreted in so many ways by so many different authors – healer, villain, enchantress, witch, mermaid, shape-shifter, queen or seductress.

No matter how she is interpreted, Morgan is a powerful literary character in every form and she is vital to the tales of Camelot.

Her story is comparable to that of the celtic goddess, Morrigan (see previous post) but NOT the same. The two are often confused.

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