Ahhhh…. Georgiana Cavendish (1757-1806.) She was FABULOUS. Unfortunately, she didn’t have what one would call a “happy” marriage. Ridiculed and abused for not producing a male heir – Georgiana found love with Charles Grey in a well-known affair. Their affair produced a daughter, Eliza. Sadly, she was sent into exile to have the baby and then was forced to give her to Grey’s family. “G” was told she would never see her other children again if she were to keep the girl. Eliza grew up not knowing why her “parents” resented and disapproved of her (Charles’ Aunt and Uncle.) Georgianna visited her frequently in secret and always brought toys (which were never given to her as a child by anyone but Georgiana.) It wasn’t until the Duchess passed away that Eliza was told who her real mother was.

Eliza named her first daughter Georgiana.