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Kicking off “Follower Request” month with Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd (1097 – 1136.)

Gwenllian was a Princess Consort in Wales, married to Gruffyd ap Rhys, Prince of Deheubarth. She was the youngest of eight children and came from a royal family. The fair maiden was said to be very beautiful, and very popular with her people.

These were dark days for Wales as they struggled against the Norman Invasion. The battles forced Gwenllian and her husband to move around the country in various strongholds. Gruffydd led many successful “lightning raids” and eventually joined up with Hywel ap Maredudd for the Great Revolt of 1136. While he was out gathering men from various villages, a battle broke out near Kidwelly Castle. Gwenllian led her army against the raid but was captured and beheaded, along with two sons.

She is often compared to Boudicca for her leadership and strength. Her actions led others to revolt and take back their lands. For many years following her death, Welshman charged into battle crying “Revenge for Gwenllian”

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