December is all about Saints! First up- Saint Margaret of Antioch.

This story was very popular in the middle ages.

So, according to the legends, Margaret was the daughter of a pagan priest in Antioch of Pisidia (Syria.) She chose to convert to Christianity in her early teens. Her dad was SO upset because Margaret (also known as Marina) refused all suitors. One suitor was Olybrius the Perfect (what? helluva name to live up to) he was so scorned by her refusal  that he reported Margaret to the authorities. She was thrown in jail -and- while in jail she met the devil, who happened to be in the form of a dragon. ROAR. The dragon eats her alive, but she tore her way out of his belly using a cross and emerged whole. Take that Satan-dragon-thingy! They then tried to execute her by drowning and fire but all attempts failed. Eventually she was beheaded.

She is the patron saint of Childbirth. (clever.)

Her feast day is July 20th.

Oh- and hers was one of the voices heard by Joan of Arc!