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I’m switching over to Medieval Queens for the month of November. The creepy chicks were giving me nightmares (I had a dream I accidentally hired Belle Gunness as a Nanny).

Ingeborg of Denmark (1175 – 1236) had a HORRIBLE existence. She was married to Philip II of France after his first wife died. However, on the day of the wedding, Philip changed his mind and tried to send her back to Denmark. WHAT?

THEN… Philip went so far as to have a FAKE family tree drafted to show that they were related so that the marriage would be deemed illegal. Pope Celestine III prohibited Philip from marrying again, but Mr.-husband-of-the-millienium didn’t listen.

Ingeborg was held prisoner for the next 20 years in various castles throughout France. The Pope continued to support Queen Ingeborg, but it didn’t help much. Philip even asked for an annulment based on the grounds of non-sonsummation (which historians believe to be due to Philip’s impotence).

So then the impotent weasel married Agnes of Merania in 1196, BUT, the new Pope Innocent III (what a great name for a pope) said the marriage was no-good and ordered Philip to get rid of Agnes and take Ingeborg back as the rightful Queen of France.

Ingeborg was locked away and Agnes was brought back. For these reasons, Philip was excommunicated in 1200. In 1201 Philip begged the Pope to declare his children with Agnes as legitimate and AGAIN asked for an annulment under the grounds that Ingeborg was a WITCH. Fail. Didn’t work. He died still married to Ingeborg, who outlived him by about 14 years.