Anna Marie Hahn (1906 – 1938) was a serial killer. (After this one, I’m switching back to painting pretty medieval ladies… and unicorns and rainbows.)

She was born in Germany – the youngest of 12 children. Anna claimed to have had a relationship with a doctor, but no one could find a doctor by the name she gave. However, she did have a relationship with SOMEONE that produced a son, Oscar. Anna’s parents were horrified by the scandal and shipped her off to America (and kept her son.)

Her targets were elderly men in the German-American community of Cincinnati. She’d off her services as a live-in attendant (despite having no experience or training as a nurse). Hahn cared for them so well, that they all left her money in their will. Once the victim did so, she’d poison the men with arsenic. This was all an effort to support her GAMBLING habit!!

Her take:

Victim 1: left her a house

Victim 2: $1,000

Victim 3: $17,000

Victim 4: $15,000

Victim 5: $5,000

Her last of five victims, Georg Obendoerfer,  was lured by Hahn on a trip to Colorado to visit her “ranch” (which did not exist). He died in his hotel room before they went to the so-called ranch. Convenient. Police became suspicious when she complained about paying for his funeral. They did an autopsy and arsenic was found.

Some reports claim that she was poisoning her victims by offering them an aphrodisiac. One could say that the uh “popularity” of such drugs as Viagra and Cialis proves that the offer was most likely enthusiastically accepted by these elderly gents.

The trial was quite a media sensation. Anna claimed she was an angel of mercy, and even held a press conference (chock full of overblown dramatics)  but after four weeks she was sentenced to death by electric chair. She was executed on December 7th, 1938.