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Probably the most notable ghost story in history is that of Anne Boleyn.

For such a short life, Anne has left an incredible legacy. She is discussed at length and there are hundreds of books, theories, myths and rumors that STILL circulate to this day- almost 500 years later!

Well, not discussing her life on this post, but her death. As most of you will know, Anne was executed by beheading on May 19th, 1536. It was scheduled for May 18th, but they had to find a proper executioner. Oh how nice of them.

For hundreds of years it seems Queen Anne has refused to “let it go” (yes I’m singing that song now) and has been haunting several locations throughout England. Including:

The Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Hever Castle, Blickling Hall, Hampton Court, Salle Church, and Marwell Hall. Sometimes she is merely floating in the halls, other times she is seen standing in the window, and some stories report that Anne’s ghost has been seen sitting in a coach, led by a headless coachmen, with her severed head on her lap. Eek.

There is a great article on all of these hauntings here: http://www.ghost-story.co.uk/index.php/ghost-stories/341-the-ghost-of-queen-anne-boleyn