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This is Aradia. Queen of the Witches.

In 1899 Charles Leland wrote a book called “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches”. Leland used this as a religious text for a group of Pagan Witches in Tuscany. In this “gospel” Aradia is the messianic daughter of the goddess Diana and the god Lucifer. She was sent to earth to teach oppressed peasants witchcraft against the Roman Catholics. Upon arriving on earth, Aradia told her followers “ye shall all be freed from slavery, and so ye shall be free in everything.”

Aradia appears in various cultures prior to Leland’s book. She is seen in Italian folklore as a supernatural heroine. some claim she was based on a real woman named Aradia di Toscano. This woman ran a group of witches that worshipped Diana in the 14th century.

Aradia is also an important figure in Wiccan traditions- she is known as the Great Goddess, Moon Goddess, or Queen of the Witches.

In 1992, a man named Aidan Kelly, co-founder of the New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn (that’s a heavy title for a business card.) wrote a document titled “The Gospel of Diana and referenced Aradia and the Gospel of the Witches. Aidan’s descriptions have Aradia as quite a sexual being “the sexual act becomes not only an expression of the divine life force, but an act of resistance against all forms of oppression.”

Very cool. I like her. Stand aside Queen Elizabeth I, I’ve found my new muse.