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There are several stories/legends of a “White Lady” ghost- but the most well-known comes out of the Czech Republic. The stories are a wee bit sensationalized so it’s difficult to weed through details and dates.

Perchta von Rozmberk (1429-1476) was the beautiful daughter of Ulrich II von Rosenberg. They were a very powerful and wealthy family so Perchta had many suitors. Unfortunately, Ulrich married her off to Jan von Lichtenstein- who was a cruel and abusive man. He had only recently been widowed, and his widow’s mother and sister still lived with him- ouch! That does NOT sound welcoming! They made her life quite miserable, mostly because Perchta’s father refused to pay the agreed dowry.

Unable to leave her husband, she remained in a sort of hell-on-earth existence. She wrote to her brother and father constantly, begging for them to save her. ” Take me away from these evil people and you will merit praise as if you released a soul from purgatory!” They did not come. These letters are still in existence and have been published. (You can purchase here: http://www.amazon.de/The-Letters-Rozmberk-Sisters-Fifteenth-Century/dp/085991612X)

When Jan was on his death bed- he asked for Perchta’s forgiveness, but she refused. It is thought that he cursed her in his last breath, forcing her to roam his hell castle for eternity. (If it’s THAT easy- I, uh, well…let’s just say I may be haunting a few locations in the afterlife.)

Shortly after her death, Perchta’s  ghost began to appear in several locations including Rozmberk Castle and Cesky Krumlov Castle.  Her remaining relatives claimed she appeared to them whenever something important was going down (always in a white dress) if her ghost was wearing black gloves- bad things were about to happen, if she was wearing white gloves- all good on the home front.

Perchta’s ghost watched over the last child in the family, Peter Vok. She told the Nanny- “Watch the baby. When he grows up, tell him how much I have loved him and show him the place from which I used to come to his cradle and then leave.” When Peter learned of this, he took down the wall where Perchta’s ghost disappeared and found a treasure. Although this was supposedly the last time the ghost was seen- there was a report of a sighting during WWII. Apparently, Perchta ran off a bunch of Nazi’s inhabiting the Cesky Krumlov castle.