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716 Dauphine St in New Orleans has quite a gruesome past. It was built in 1836 by plantation owner Jean Baptiste LaPrete. He was forced to rent the place when times got tough. The tenant claimed to be a Turkish Sultan and went by the name Prince Suleyman. LaPrete was happy a royal family was moving in. He acquired the house for his “large family of many wives, children, and servants.” After moving in to the mansion, Suleyman covered all the windows, padlocked the front doors, and had armed guards placed around the entrances.

The so-called Sultan kept a harem of many women- and- unfortunately, young boys. Rumors flew around the neighborhood and it was speculated that the Sultan was kidnapping locals to serve as sex slaves and that he had gone mad from opiates.

A neighbor, out on a stroll, happened to pass by the house and noticed blood dripping from the balcony above. When the police arrived, they found body parts all over the property. All the women, children and guards were beheaded- total bloodbath. The Sultan had been buried alive in the courtyard- but oddly enough- he was dressed in Muslim funeral attire. hmmm.

Pirates were blamed for the murders. They discovered that Prince Suleyman was a fraud- possibly the brother of a real Sultan that escaped his country to avoid being killed and being arrested for stealing his brother’s money. Most likely, the real Sultan’s assassins finally caught up with him.

Those that have lived in the house have reported seeing the Sultans’ apparition, hearing the sounds of body parts hitting the floor and smelling incense.

You can see an old real estate listing for the property- which has 9 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and is 7057 square feet. It sold for $2 million last year. http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/716-Dauphine-St-New-Orleans-LA-70116/73783720_zpid/

I wonder if the new owners know the history. yikes.