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Another spooky female ghost story for all of you…

The Copper Queen Hotel is located in in Bisbee, Arizona. Bisbee was founded in 1902 when large amounts of copper, lead and silver were discovered nearby. Miners came running in hopes of finding work and treasure. The hotel was built that same year by the Copper Queen Mining Company for important visitors and politicians.

In the 1920s, the third floor of the hotel became a “reputable” brothel (well, sort of- not officially a brothel, but mostly frequented by “ladies of the evening”) and Miss Julia Lowell was one of it’s “employees”. At the time, prostitution was somewhat tolerated. The stories around Julia say that, at the age of 30, she fell in love with one of her customers, but he, of course, did not feel the same way. She committed suicide in one of the rooms shortly after being rejected.

The ghost stories claim that she is a most flirtatious ghost and still roams the third floor, especially room 315. They also say she only appears to men, and whispers in their ear in the middle of the night. Some male visitors claim that while sleeping in room 315, she appears at the foot of the bed, smiling and doing a strip tease! (ahem… are they SURE this wasn’t a dream? really? no… really?) Her ghost is also seen in the halls and great staircase smoking and holding a bottle of booze (I kinda like her.)

According to the hotel record books- Julia is just one of sixteen ghosts who reside at the Copper Queen!

There isn’t a lot of information available on Julia- but you can book a stay in room 315 here: http://www.hauntedrooms.com/copper-queen-hotel-bisbee-arizona

And you can join the Copper Queen Ghost Hunt here: http://www.oldbisbeeghosttour.com/CQGhostHunt.html