Another ghost story (there are so many, I could do this for months!.)

Kate (Farmer) Morgan (1865-1892) was born in Iowa and married Thomas Edwin Morgan in 1885. It was said that Thomas and Kate made a living as con artists. When Kate discovered she was pregnant, Thomas did not want to settle down and the couple argued. He got off the train bound for San Diego in Los Angeles while Kate kept going. She checked into the Hotel del Coronado under a false name “Lottie Bernard” and waited for her husband.

She was found dead, by gunshot wound, on the steps leading to the beach.

In 1990, Alan May published a book “The Legend of Kate Morgan: The Search for the Ghost of the Hotel del Coronado”. The book claims that she was, in fact, murdered by her husband. May goes on to claim that although she did buy a gun in San Diego, the bullet recovered from her head did not match the bullets in the purchased firearm. Also strange, a maid disappeared the day after Kate’s death. Some say Kate’s husband killed her too and the evidence was destroyed by hotel staff in order to avoid bad press and a mass exodus of guests.

There are dozens of theories and speculations as to the true identity of Kate Morgan and if there was any foul play. Some say she ran off with another man while others say Kate Morgan moved to San Francisco and the dead woman on the steps of the hotel was actually Lottie Berard! So confusing.

Whatever happened, there seems to be some unexplained paranormal activity surrounding the death on the stairs. Kate had checked into room 302, which is now room 3312 or 3327 (there are conflicting accounts). There are numerous reports of Kate’s ghost walking through the hallways, moving furniture in the room, and whispering to guests at night.

The haunted rooms at the Hotel (there are several) are booked for months in advance- usually around Halloween. So if you’re in the mood for a little ghost hunting- you might want to call now.

Books on the Kate Morgan Story (there are several) can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/n4y9yu6

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btw- it’s MAGNIFICENT!!!!