I’ve read some pretty amazing stories of survival, but this one takes the cake. Please visit the link below to read about what an extraordinary life this woman has led.

“Five million square miles of nothingness” is a pretty optimistic description of The area of Siberia that Agafia Lykov has lived for the past 70+ years.

In 1978 a group of geologists happen to stumble upon (by helicopter) a family living in the most remote area of Russia- at least 150 miles from any sign of life and about 6000 feet up the side of a mountain.

In 1936, Karp Lykov, fled with his wife and two children into the wilderness to avoid religious persecution. While in isolation, 2 more children were born, including Agafia.

Agafia and her brother had never seen another human being in their lifetime. When the geologists approached, she was seen praying- believing that the outsiders visit was a sign of God’s punishment for transgressions. They did not know about WWII, or that a man had walked on the moon.

Most of the family passed away (kidney failure, pneumonia), but Agafia still lives in the isolated forest and won’t leave. The full story can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/lawx56z