Closing out this month’s focus on First Ladies…

Mary Todd Lincoln was born in Lexington, KY on Dec. 13, 1818. She was well educated, fluent in french, and came from a very large and wealthy family.

Despite her “good” upbringing- after marrying Abraham in 1842, she withstood terrible hardships, harsh criticism, and great loss.

She was said to have been very outspoken on political matters, which was unusual for the times- but even better- she was extremely vocal on her views against slavery despite her childhood in which her family owned over 200 slaves.

Never having got over the loss of 2 of her sons, the assassination of her husband about did her in. She suffered from severe depression and remained at the White House for 40 days after his death. She is quoted as saying “The last day he lived was the happiest of his life.” Due to her overwhelming grief, she did not attend the funeral procession.

Her Children:

Robert Todd Lincoln (1843-1926) became a lawyer.

Edward Baker Lincoln (1846-1850) died from tuberculosis

William “Willie” Wallace Lincoln (1850-1862) died of Typhoid Fever

Thomas Lincoln (1853-1871) died of pneumonia.

Only Robert outlived his mother- who died in 1882.