Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić (1874-1938) 

I discovered this woman’s story thanks to HW Follower, Matea Vadlja. Thank you Matea!

Mostly home-schooled, with writers on both sides of the family, Ivana was an internationally praised author from Croatia.

She married a prominent lawyer in 1892 and had six children- which gave her some first-hand insight to a child’s perspective of the world. She wrote poetry, diaries and essays and eventually published a series of educational articles under the name “School and Holidays.”

Her book The Marvelous Adventures and Misadventures of Hlapic the Apprentice, was published in 1913 and the critics raved. Her book Croatian Tales of Long Ago, published in 1916, is one of the most popular today because it was adapted into computer interactive fiction in 2003. The book is a series of fairy-tales using names and motifs from ancient Slavic mythology. Because of this, she is often compared to Hans Christian Andersen and Tolkien.

She was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times. She also became the first woman accepted as a Corresponding Member into the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Unfortunately, Ivana battled depression most of her life and committed suicide on September 21st, 1938.

Her list of works include:

  • 1902 The Good and the Mischievous (Valjani i nevaljani)
  • 1905 School and Holidays (Škola i praznici)
  • 1912 Pictures (poetry) (Slike)
  • 1913 The Brave Adventures of Lapitch (Čudnovate zgode šegrta Hlapića)
  • 1916 Croatian Tales of Long Ago (Priče iz davnine)
  • 1923 A Book for Youth (Knjige o omladini)
  • 1935 From the Archives of Family Brlić in Brod na Savi (Iz arhive obitelji Brlić u Brodu na Savi)
  • 1937 Jaša Dalmatin Viceroy of the Gujarati (Jaša Dalmatin, potkralj Gudžarata)
  • 1939 Gingerbread Heart (Srce od licitara)
  • 1943 Fables and Fairy-tales (Basne i bajke)