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Circe was a Greek Goddess of Magic. She lived on the Island of Dawn and was the daughter of Helios and Perse. She was a powerful sorceress who used her magic to transform men and women into beasts (I think that’s my new favorite super-power.) It was said she would transform her victims into animals, but their minds remained quite human. She was well known for her knowledge of potions and herbs but was exiled to the island of Aeaea for her cruel treatment of enemies.

In Homer’s Odyssey, her home in Aeaea is described as a water mansion in the middle of the woods. The lions and wolves prowling the island were victims of her magic. She invited several members of Odysseus’ crew to a feast- but the food was laced with one of her poisons and all were turned to pigs. Only Eurlochus escaped to warn Odysseus and the others who had stayed behind on the ship.

Long story short… Odysseus used an herb called Molly to protect himself, but ended up being Circe’s lover for five years.