Countess Emilia Plater (1806-1831) was a Polish-Lithuanian noblewoman. Her parents divorced when she was young, so she was sent to live with distant relatives. Her male cousins taught her to fight and fence.

As a rebellion began against Russia (who had been suppressing Polish customs) the men from Wilno met to plan their revolt. Emilia, who grew up despising Russia, was not allowed in the meetings because she was a girl. So- she cut her hair and prepared a uniform for herself so she could join the revolution. With her own money, she assembled a force of 500 and on March 30, 1831, her army battled a Russian horse patrol. She seized the town of Jeziorosy, joined up with other Polish Rebels and eventually earned the rank of Captain.

She fell ill on the battlefield and died at the age of 25. She is hailed as a hero of Poland despite the unsuccessful uprising.