Elizabeth Lyska (1878-1896) was a Russian teenager that measured over seven feet. When her father died, she made money to support her family by touring as a human oddity. so sad. She began growing rapidly at the age of 4 and by nineteen measured 7’2″. There is very little information about her- except to say she toured for a few years and died at home when she was 19. There are plenty of sensationalized newspaper headlines from the time period she was on tour:

“She looked shy and awkward, the giant child, as she talked about the room, divesting herself of her coat and hat and somewhat nervously twisting a red silk handkerchief between her great shapely hands” (New York Times)

“A Youthful Giantess- very finely proportioned with wavy brown hair and large dark eyes- she is likely to grow at the rate of an inch every two months” (The Citizen)

” With an open-handed cuff over the ear, she once knocked a young man who teased her senseless to the ground. For breakfast she took several cups of coffee, seven or eight thick slices of black bread, almost a pint of honey, and half a dozen pieces of the fruit in season”        (South London Palace)

We do know that her real name was Elisaveta Philipovna and she was born in the Danube Valley of Russia. She most likely died of a heart attack. Poor girl- the photos of her portray what looks like a very beautiful and sweet girl. You can see these and the newspaper articles here:

She doesn’t even have a wiki page. what the hell?