Laskarina Bouboulina (1771-1825) was a true hero of the Greek War of Independence in 1821.

IMG_0001She was born in a prison in Constantinople- her father, a naval captain, had been imprisoned for his role in the Orlaf Revolution (a failed coup). After their release, her and her mother lived in Hydra and then later on- Spetses.

Her second husband was a wealthy shipowner. When he was killed in a battle with the Algerian pirates, Laskarina used his fortune and trading business to build four of her own ships- including one of the largest war ships ever built- The Agememnon.

She joined an underground movement that was preparing for the revolution- she was the only woman to do so. Bouboulina also organized her own troops and used most of her fortune to provide food and ammunition for the sailors under her command.

Laskarina died in May of 1825 from a single gunshot wound to the head during a family fight- the family of a local boy came looking for Laskarina’s daughter after it was discovered they eloped.

She was awarded the rank of general posthumously and is hailed as a true heroine who fought alongside men and fought for her country’s independence.