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I did say that not everyone on my top ten list would win a popularity contest. I do think, however, that opinions of Queen Mary I split right down the middle… no in-between-ers. I’ve painted her as No. 6 on my list because I love reading about her: harsh upbringing, cruel yo-yo father, false pregnancies, and a painful death. Her reign was not a successful one. Those years were so terribly rainy- it led to famine and sickness which was, of course, chalked up to Mary’s regime. Paired with her decision to marry Philip of Spain and her hardcore punishment of the Protestants… well, it wasn’t pretty. Hence the name “Bloody Mary” sort of stuck. It’s a shame.

One very cool tidbit of info- Mary was the first Queen Regnant, meaning she reigned by her own right, not by marriage or on behalf of another.