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IMG_0001(I’m singing the song “beauty school drop-out” from Grease as I type this.)

Continuing with my theme this month- Bad Girls with Bad Reputations…

Sada Abe, or Abe Sada- depending on which naming tradition you use, is the Japanese version of Lorena Bobbitt. However, Sada did it first.

She was born in 1905 and was the youngest of four children- so she was quite spoiled. At the age of 15 she was raped by an acquaintance- despite the fact that her parents were supportive, Sada turned extremely rebellious. Unable to handle her and her behavior, her parents sold Sada to a geisha house.

It wasn’t much of a punishment because she wanted to be a geisha- these woman were  celebrities at the time. But, to become a true geisha- one must study from early childhood, so she was never going to reach celebrity status. She moved on and began working at some of the licensed brothels throughout Osaka. This didn’t work either- between waitressing, illegal prostitution, brothels, etc. Sada was always in trouble.

In 1936, Sada was given a restaurant apprenticeship by Kichizo Ishida (a well known womanizer.) The two had a very passionate affair. After he had gone back to his wife, Sada asked to meet him- she held a knife to his throat during sex and threatened to kill him- but this excited Ishida so the affair continued. Over time, they progressed to choking and other dangerous games.

Eventually, the disturbed Sada wrapped her scarf around Ishida’s neck and choked him to death. She didn’t stop there- she wrote “Sada + Kichi Together” in his blood, on his thigh and carved her name into his arm. Still not done… she removed his uh… twig and berries, wrapped them in a magazine and kept them in her purse. There are more gruesome details to this case- but I’d prefer you read them on your own.

She received 6 years in jail, and served 5.

To this day, the case draws a lot of attention. Whether you are on the side that thinks she’s a cold-blooded killer, the side that thinks she was not responsible after suffering from syphilis for a few decades, or the side that thinks she was a leader for women’s rights and retaliated against a controlling, oppressive man… the reality is, she was walking around with his body parts in her purse and smiled for all the cameras.

This is a really good article if you’d like to read more: