IMG_0001One of the hardest lessons to communicate to young girls is: don’t ever put yourself in harms’ way to impress a boy. Teenagers live for the day, and as a parent, this is a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Most accounts of Bonnie Parker will have you believe that she was a cigar-smoking, gun-weilding, crazed killer. Not so. Bonnie was born in 1910 in Rowena Texas. Although she was popular, smart, and a wonderful poet- she dropped out of high school when she met and married Roy Thornton. The marriage fell apart, but they were never divorced.

She met Clyde Barrow when helping a friend in West Dallas. They immediately fell in love, and it was obvious that Bonnie would’ve done anything to keep his affection.

Bank robbery was not headline material during the great depression. However, once the now-famous photos of Bonnie with a cigar and a gun were attained by the press- she added a bit of sex appeal to the crime spree. The public, outraged but intrigued, wanted more.

After several murders and robberies, the couple were killed as they tried to outrun the law. She was definitely an accomplice to 100 or more felonies including kidnapping, murder, armed robbery, etc. but it was very unlikely that she carried out any of the violence attributed to her name.