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IMG_0001The Bell Witch is a very well-known case of a poltergeist that took place around 1817 in Adams, Tennessee. The Bell Family claims to have been haunted by a female ghost named Kate. What began as a just a few odd noises and unusual sounds around the house, progressed to members of the family being pinched, objects thrown, and scratching at the doors (that part freaks me out.)

The accounts of what happened to the Bell family indicate that most of the haunting was focused on John Bell’s youngest daughter, Betsy. She said the ghost pulled her hair, and slapped her repeatedly.

Most scientists, historians, etc agree that this is mere folklore as the so-called “eye-witness” accounts range from hearing the voice to shaking the ghost’s hand. Pop culture has created even more interest with The Blair Witch Project, which is supposedly based on this story.

I’m not sure what to believe, but it certainly makes a great Halloween tale.

For further reading, I suggest this page: http://www.bellwitch.org/story.htm