Karin Svensdotter was a Swedish woman who was put on trial for having a relationship with a male fairie. In 1656, this was as much of a punishable offense as having sex with animals. She told the court that the man called himself Alvakungen (king of the fairies) and gave her gifts and fathered her children. She claimed to have given birth to 7 babies in which he whisked away to fairy land. The court decided that she was made insane by Satan, so the church prayed for her and gave her a silver cross for protection. Amazingly, the king never returned to Karin. AMAZING that the church was SO right! (and if you read my other posts, you’ll recognize the sarcasm.)

There were several cases in the 17th century in which men and women were given death sentences for having relationships with fairies, mountain nymphs, and forest nymphs. In the words of my son… “that is just cray cray.”