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Matteuccia di Fancesco (don’t ask me to pronounce that- but I bet is sounds beautiful) was executed for witchcraft in 1428. Her case is one of the oldest witchcraft cases in Italy in which the trial records are still in existence.

She was a sorceress in her home town of Todi, Italy. Matteuccia made herbal remedies, poultices, potions, etc. and was even said to have concocted a homemade contraceptive made of mule’s hoof ashes diluted in wine. yum.

Under extreme torture, Matteuccia confessed to drinking children’s blood and to have the ability to fly. Total coincidence (not) that Bernadino of Siena, the Italian priest (who is now a saint- really?) had recently come into town on a witch hunt and Matteuccia’s confession matched his description of what witches do.

She was also accused of being a prostitute and other bogus charges, and eventually burned at the stake. Her case makes the history books for a few reasons- but mostly because this is the first record of witches flying.

There is a great article with more info here: http://www.executedtoday.com/2012/03/20/1428-matteuccia-di-francesco-san-bernardino-casualty/