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Alse Young (1600-1647) was the first person to be executed for witchcraft in the 13 American Colonies. She was hanged for having “witch-like behavior” in 1647 but very little is known about the case, which took place in Hartford, CT. She did have a daughter- who was also accused for witchcraft 30 years later in Springfield, MA.

Like most major witch hunts, it is suspected that there was some sort of plague or epidemic in the area at the time. Witchcraft was a capitol crime up until 1750 in the state of Connecticut. Although they did not suffer the same hysteria as Salem, many women were executed for witchcraft including Mary Johnson Wethersfield (1648), Joan and John Carrington (1651) and Rebecca and Nathaniel Greensmith (1663).

I’m quite relieved to know that “witch-like” behavior is no longer against the law, as this could easily describe my actions after drinking tequila. Which, is what I used as reference when painting the look on Mrs. Young’s face. Cheers.