Vera Renczi was a bonafied serial killer. Well, sort of. There are no certifiable records that prove she murdered 35 people or where she was born or dates of her crimes. She may have been born in Romania or Hungary in 1903. We know that she was born into wealth and went to boarding school in Yugoslavia. Her childhood friends said that she was pathological, jealous, and suspicious.

Her first marriage was to a wealthy banker, who Vera said abandoned her and her son Lorenzo and died in a car accident, however, the inside story claims she poisoned his wine with arsenic and killed him. Her second husband vanished- but she said she got a letter from him saying he’d never return. (uh-huh. totally legit. pfft.)

After several years of affairs with married men, one jealous wife called the police when her husband didn’t return home- they found 32 unburied zinc-lined coffins in her wine cellar. She confessed to the police that she liked to sit in her chair amidst the coffins, surrounded by her former lovers. She also confessed to murdering her first two husbands and her own son- saying she did so because someday he would leave her too- so she wanted to be the last person to hold him. She was convicted for her crimes and went completely insane before her death.

There have been several investigations into the legitimacy of this case, including a profile by Candace DeLong. But I keep running into heh… “dead ends” trying to find credible sources, however, from the little info available, I would say Vera was a textbook Narcissist and sociopath.

I should also note that though some sources say she was a prolific serial killer, others say she never existed. More research is definitely in order.