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In researching witches, I’ve *almost* heard it all… but this, this is downright ridiculous. Molly Leigh (1685-1746) was accused of witchcraft by a Reverend Spencer. He said she sent her pet blackbird to sit atop the Turk’s Head pub and turn the beer sour.

Molly was an eccentric, hot-headed, and solitary woman (who isn’t?) who made a living selling milk from her cows to travelers and townsfolk. She was often seen delivering milk to town with her pet blackbird sitting on her shoulder.

She died before she went to trial, but did not find peace in death. Her grave was disturbed when people in town claimed that her ghost haunted the town. Rev. Spencer and other clerics exhumed her body, opened the coffin and then reburied her in a right angle to all the other graves along with the still living blackbird (poor little guy.)

To this day, people claim that her spirit will return if you skip around her grave three times while singing “Molly Leigh, Molly Leigh, chase me around the apple tree”.

Also- the famous witch Sybil Leek (1917-1982) claimed to be a direct descendent of Molly’s and kept a pet crow named “Mr. Hotfoot Jackson”.