Mary Bliss Parsons (1625ish-1715) was charged of being a witch twice!

She was born in England and moved to Massachusetts when she was a child. The family settled in Springfield, MA, but her father died soon after.

Mary married a man named Joseph Parsons and settled in Northampton, MA. Because he was a merchant and fur trader, they were very wealthy and well known in the area. The rumor mill went off immediately. Gossipy townsfolk claimed that their success came at the expense of other families and was a result of Mary’s dealings with the devil. Joseph tried to counteract the slander with a lawsuit against those who said these things and won. But eighteen years later Mary was once again accused and formally tried as a witch. She was found not guilty.

There are some strange circumstances with this case, paired with the fact that another woman named Mary Lewis Parsons was also charged with witchcraft at the time- it becomes confusing as to what is what. Methinks Mary was probably the victim of jealousy, nosy, town gossips who didn’t like to see anyone succeed. My oh my, some things never change.