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Margaret Matson was tried for witchcraft in Philadelphia in 1683.

Margaret and her husband Neals, of Swedish-Finnish descent, had a farm in what is now known as Eddystone, PA. She was a well-known healer in the area of the lower Delaware River.

She was accused by a few neighbors and even her own daughter of making threats, bewitching cattle and witnesses testified that she appeared to them in spectral form. As if that isn’t interesting enough… she was actually found guilty, but not of being a witch, but for having a reputation of a witch. Boy, if some of us were charged of having a bad reputation- there’d be a lot of pending trial dates.

They dismissed the charges that she had killed livestock. She was released with fines and a promised of 6 months of good behavior. There are myths that claim the charges were dismissed because she had a legal right to fly on a broomstick- but there are no court records that confirm this.