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IMGJulian of Norwich (1342-1416) was an English Anchoress. An Achorite or anchoress, is one who has “retired from the world” for religious reasons. An Anchoress would withdraw from society so as to be able to lead a life of intense prayer.

A hermit- or hermitess. lol.

It is thought she came to this after losing most of her family during the Plague.

After a near-death experience, she claimed to have had a series of visions and wrote about them in her book “Revelations of Divine Love.” It is the earliest surviving book written by a woman.

Here is what differentiated her from the crowd… She spoke about God has a loving and compassionate God, not a wrathful punisher (as most of the church believed.) Julian believed him to be merciful and full of love. She also believed that sin was necessary because it gave us self-knowledge and opened us up to accept God. Reading about her- I’m quite surprised the church did not have her charged with heresy.

Julian, although never canonized, is well regarded in the church today- she wrote that God Himself said to her “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

Sounds like a yoga mantra, I like it.