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Anna Komnene or Anna Comnena (1083-1153) was quite the woman. A Greek princess, historian, scholar, physician, administrator of a hospital and an orphanage, and the author of the Alexiad.

The Alexiad is an account of her father’s reign, Emporer Alexius I. Anna documented the  Byzantine Empire’s interaction with the First Crusade and highlights the conflicting opinions of the East and West in the 12th century. It is divided into 15 books. Whoa.

The Alexiad is one of the most important works in history as it provides insight into weaponry, military tactics, battles, events, etc. Although somewhat partial (praising her father) her accounts of the First Crusade are the only Hellenic account of that time.

Her father appointed her administrator of a hospital in Constantinople that had over 10,000 patients and orphans. She ran the whole show AND taught AND practiced medicine. She was said to be the expert on Gout (as far as being an expert on something, gout would be on the bottom of my list, lol.)

She studied philosophy, history, literature, grammar, theology, astronomy, and politics, held intellectual gatherings, treated her father during his final days and still had time to raise four children.

I’m exhausted from just reading all her accomplishments. Wow.