AmeliaPrincess Amelia of the United Kingdom (1783-1810) was the youngest daughter of King George III. George had lost two beloved sons, so the birth of the princess (significantly younger than her siblings) was a sign of hope and she immediately became his favorite.

It is said that Amelia understood her royal position at a very young age- when the famous Sarah Siddons wanted to kiss the beautiful baby Amelia- the toddler instantly held out her hand to be kissed. Well la-ti-da.

Spoiled, yes, but also tragic. She spent her days with a number of illnesses that kept her away from court including Tuberculosis, Measles, and St. Anthony’s Fire (a bacterial infection.) Her hopes of marrying were quickly extinguished.

She did manage to have a love affair with Charles Fitzroy, whom she loved. When she died in November of 1810, she left all her possessions to Charles.

King George was heartbroken over her death (when he wasn’t in and out of his bouts of complete, clinical madness) and had a ring made from a locket of her hair. Hmmmm.